Barri d'Amont & La Cachette

Getting here

Below are details of how to travel to Barri d’Amont and La Cachette, Rivel.

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By air:
The nearest airport is Carcassonne, 50 minutes away.

The next nearest airports are 90 – 100 minutes away. These are: Toulouse, Perpignan and Béziers.

Beyond that there is an International airport at Montpellier (2 hours 15 minutes away) with flights from several airlines and at Girona in Spain (2 hours 30 minutes away); and further flights are available to and from Nîmes (2 hours 40 minutes away).

There are a number of car hire companies based at each of these airports.  Please visit the airport websites for more details.

By train:
There are main SNCF train stations at Toulouse, Carcassonne and Foix, and then from those stations you can hire a car to drive the rest of the way. The TGV will get you as far as Montpellier, and then you’ll need to get an SNCF link to Carcassonne.

By car:
A car is essential for getting to Rivel and for exploring the area. You can hire cars from all the airports. If you can fly to Perpignan, I highly recommend it, as the scenery as you drive to Rivel is superb – though the scenery is indeed amazing everywhere! Here are directions from:

Carcassonne: head south out of Carcassonne on the D118 signposted to Limoux; at Limoux follow signs to Chalabre on the D620 (check out the views of the Pyrenees along the way!); at Chalabre drive around the village centre following signs to Rivel.

Toulouse: head south onto the A61 motorway towards Carcassonne, then bear right onto the A66 motorway towards Pamiers and Foix; exit on junction 6 following signs to Mirepoix on the D119; at Mirepoix head south on the D625 signposted to Chalabre and Lavelanet; now be careful! after about 5 minutes on this road there is a sharp left turn at La Bastide-de-Bousignac onto the D7 signposted Chalabre; follow on the D7 past Camon, Sonnac-sur-l’Hers and then through Chalabre following signs to Rivel.

Perpignan: head north-west out of Perpignan on the D117 signposted to Foix; continue on the D117 past the vineyards of Maury, Puilaurens (with its magnificent chateau) and through the incredible Gorge de Pierre-Lys near Quillan; at Quillan continue past the train station and at a big junction follow signs left to Foix and Puivert – you’re still on the D117; climb up the hillside to the plateau, head through Nébias and Puivert and then as you’re leaving Puivert you’ll see a right hand turn onto the D120 signposted to Rivel.

Here’s a handy Google map for Rivel.

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